Glamping dome tents








Structural size options

GeoDome 6

Structure Dimensions


6 m
3,6 m
28 m2

GeoDome 7

Structure Dimensions


7 m
4,2 m
38 m2

GeoDome 8

Structure Dimensions


8 m
4 m
50 m2

GeoDome Individual

Structure Dimensions


from 4 m
from 2,5 m
from 20 m2

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    Spherical tents for glamping


    EcoDome is a spherical glamping structure ideal for use as a camping site. Thanks to the wooden frame, this glamping will fit into the environment.


    GeoDome – construction for quick construction of glamping houses. Thanks to a lightweight aluminum frame, these glamping tents are easy to manufacture and install, which will provide them with a recreation center in the shortest possible time.


    The EcoChalet model is a quadrosphere (square base with rounded vaults) shaped glulam construction. Perfect for organizing a catering area, an administrative building, a reception, a platform for events and much more.

    The construction of a tourist camping in Azerbaijan, thanks to LUXTENT glamping tents, becomes easier. Special tents, having a spherical shape, provide round-the-clock accommodation for tourists with all conveniences and comfort.

    Photo gallery of glamping structure

    Glamping filling options

    This option is currently unavailable

    Glamping interior examples

    The word Glamping stands for “glamorous camping.” In fact, glamping combines the comfort of a hotel room with the possibility of outdoor recreation.

    In many ways, it is due to the presence of all amenities, even in the middle of mountains or deserts, that this type of recreation has become very popular all over the world.

    Add-ons for glamping


    We use special insulation that provides warmth during the harsh winter months and keeps the glamping from getting too hot in the summer.


    Panoramic glass is used in dome glamping, and installation of a window in the roof of the structure is also provided.


    Modular glamping allows you to install several options for doors and additional vestibules.


    In modern glampings, air conditioning and built-in fans provide fresh air.

    Tents for year-round glamping in Azerbaijan

    The rapid growth and active development of ecotourism has led to the formation of such a word in the world as “Glamping” – a design representing a campsite or recreation center with spacious tents instead of ordinary tents. There, travelers can enjoy nature with almost urban comfort – something that is not enough in ordinary hikes and campgrounds. It combines the benefits of going out into nature with comfortable conditions.

    A glamping tent gives you the opportunity to relax alone with nature and enjoy the atmosphere of a holiday, while campers will have access to all the luxurious comforts that will make your holiday even better: furniture, shower, bathroom, electricity, air conditioning. All this allows you to use and stay in glamping tents surrounded by nature around the clock.

    Modern Dome Glamping structures for sale

    The purchase of a glamping tent in a tourist area will allow you to solve the issue of accommodation of tourists with increased comfort, as well as help organize access to food for tourists, creating an ideal place and all conditions for an ideal outdoor recreation.

    Most glamping tents are spherical, covered with a dense awning and have panoramic windows for a beautiful view of the surrounding nature. The domed structure of the frame is incredibly reliable and very durable, thanks to which it can withstand both strong wind gusts and significant structural loads.

    LUXTENT company and their domed glamping tents will help you to organize your camping in Azerbaijan and will help you to arrange the best outdoor recreation, with all conveniences and comfort.

    Dome glamping design in Azerbaijan

    What could be better than camping in the mountains? Fresh air, a fire, good company are the components of a great pastime. The only thing lacking in such a rest is comfort. It can be provided with the help of a new type of camping: a

    The ability to complement the building with a toilet, bathroom and kitchen makes glamping at home the best option for organizing a tourist town or breaking a summer camp. Moreover, such structures can be used at any time of the year, because they can be easily supplemented with a heating and lighting system, thereby providing comfortable conditions for staying at any time of the year.

    Aside from the obvious benefits of using it, it’s worth noting that glamping tents are easy to set up. The structure can be placed on any relatively flat surface. Therefore, having bought glamping, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on its installation.

    If you want to organize glamping in Azerbaijan, contact LUXTENT specialists. The company is engaged in the production of glamping tents, which provide coziness and comfort for tourists who choose even the most difficult and unpredictable routes.

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