Success of an event depends to a large extent on correct organization of the space and comfortable accommodation of guests at the event. LUXTENT specializes in production of tents and additional services (decoration, lighting, technical equipment), offering individual solutions to each customer.

Quick-assembly tents are used in various spheres, including:

  • Conduction of festive events (wedding, anniversary, party, family celebration, children’s holiday).
  • Arrangement of resting zones, pools, parking lots and playgrounds.
  • Construction of a winter garden or a greenhouse.
  • Sites for public events — concerts, festivals, sports competitions.
  • Conduction of conferences, presentations, team building activities, business meetings, forums, exhibitions, etc.
  • Organization of warehouses, tents and hangars for animals or vehicles.

Our tents will be suitable for any climatic characteristics and landscape; options for all-year operation are also available.