Pergola for café


EcoPergola Model Options

EcoPergola 16м2

Structural size options

EcoPergola 16 m²

Module parameters


4 m
4 m



10 pers
16 pers

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    Equipment of wooden pergolas

    Frame complete set

    Glued laminated timber
    Комплектующие из нержавеющей стали
    Stainless steel accessories

    Cover material

    Негорючий архитектурный тент
    Non-combustible architectural awning
    Закаленное стекло триплекс (опционально)
    Tempered triplex glass (optional)
    Прозрачная ПВХ ткань

    Transparent PVC fabric

    Поликарбонат (опционально)
    Polycarbonate (optional)
    Тонированная ПВХ ткань
    Tinted PVC fabric
    Выбор цвета по RAL
    RAL color selection

    The main advantages of the pergola

    Ветровые и снеговые нагрузкиWind and snow loads

    Протоколы испытаний МЧСEMERCOM test reports

    Без промежуточных опорWithout intermediate supports

    Итальянская технологияItalian technology


    EcoPergola designs gallery

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    from the LUXTENT company

      Street pergolas have been known to mankind since ancient Rome. This is a design in which the arches are connected by crossbars. Rectangular shape, lack of intermediate supports and laconic design make outdoor pergolas an ideal option for lovers of the classics. Thanks to their design features, they can easily be attached to other buildings or installed as a stand-alone structure. The frame is made using glued wooden beams and stainless steel components.

      LUXTENT will create the perfect atmosphere for your summer terrace! We specialize in the design and manufacture of wooden pergolas that will make your cafe or restaurant an unforgettable place to relax and socialize. We offer the construction of pergolas for cafes and restaurants in Azerbaijan, and projects for personal use are also available for order, for example, for arranging a summer terrace on a personal plot.

      EcoPergola wooden restaurant pergolas not only protect from sun and rain, but also add charm and comfort to your business. We are confident that our summer pergolas will become an important element of your interior and will help attract new visitors.

      Wooden pergolas for cafés and restaurants

      Rectangular shape, absence of intermediate supports and concise design make outdoor pergolas a perfect choice for amateurs of the classic. Due to structural features, they can easily be attached to other buildings or installed separately. The framework is made using glued laminated timber and stainless steel components.

      We offer the following roofing materials depending on the customer’s requests:

      • Architectural tent.
      • Glass (triplex).
      • Polycarbonate.
      • Roof membrane with heat insulation.

      From the presented list of materials, it is easy to choose the option of both a pergola for a restaurant or a terrace of a summer cafe, and a design used all year round. Make your summer terrace unique and unforgettable with our wooden pergolas! Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a free 3D design model. We are always ready to help you create a wonderful atmosphere for your business!

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