Arched tents


Model series ArcoTenso

Structural size options

Prima 12 m²

Module parameters


3.5 m
3.5 m



6 pers.
10 pers.

Prima 25 m²

Module parameters


5 m
5 m



12 pers.
18 pers.

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    ArcoTenso Prima constructions gallery

    The main advantages of the Arched tents

    Ветровые и снеговые нагрузкиWind and snow loads

    Без промежуточных опорWithout intermediate supports

    Итальянская технологияItalian technology

    Протоколы испытаний МЧСEMERCOM test reports

    Equipment of arched tent

    Frame complete set

    Сталь горячего цинкования
    The steel is hot. galvanized, anodized aluminum
    Комплектующие из нержавеющей стали
    Stainless steel accessories

    Cover material

    Негорючий архитектурный тент
    Non-combustible architectural awning
    Прозрачная ПВХ ткань
    Transparent PVC fabric
    Тонированная ПВХ ткань
    Tinted PVC fabric
    Выбор цвета по RAL
    RAL color selection

    Complete set of walls

    Стена сплошная
    Solid wall
    Стена раздвижная
    Sliding wall
    Остекление, двери
    Glazing, doors
    Стена полумесяц
    Crescent wall
    ArcoTenso model series

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    from the LUXTENT company

      Construction of frameworks-based tents in Azerbaijan is one of the main spheres of work of LUXTENT. We offer several model ranges, which makes it possible to select the best option for the customer, taking into account the specifics of use and personal requirements. ArcoTenso is a quick-assembly framework and dune tent structure distinguished by practicality and universality. It is equally suitable for public events with many guests and for private parties.

      The framework of an arch tent is assembled from steel truss rods with anti-corrosion coating (using hot-dip galvanization). Due to this fact, the construction is characterized by long service life. An architectural tent, which can be transparent or tinted, is used as the roofing material.

      Leading manufacturer of arched tents

      • Prima: Discover the enduring charm and practicality of the Prima arch tent. Designed for long-term use, this stylish and robust structure is ideal for establishing a lasting outdoor tented area.
      • Trend: The Trend permanent tent seamlessly merges modern design and functionality. Its sleek contours and adaptable layout make it a versatile choice, suitable for diverse applications, from al fresco dining spots to exhibition venues.
      • Dune: Embrace the captivating silhouette of the Dune permanent tent, inspired by the graceful curves of sand dunes. This visually striking structure adds a creative flair to any outdoor environment.
      • Hexagonal: Our hexagonal permanent tent boasts a harmonious and well-balanced design. Its six-sided configuration creates an inviting ambiance, making it a preferred option for restaurants, resorts, and event locales.
      • Octagonal: Standing out with its distinctive eight-sided layout, the octagonal permanent tent offers versatility and aesthetic appeal. It offers ample space for various activities and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.
      • Grand: Make a grand impression with the spacious and impressive Grand permanent tent. This structure is perfect for large-scale events, weddings, and other special occasions where elegance and grandeur are paramount.
      • Customization Options: In addition to our standard designs, we offer various modifications to cater to your unique needs. Whether you require additional features, customized layouts, or specific materials, we can accommodate your requests.
      • Individualized Design: Collaborate with our team to create a completely personalized permanent tent structure. From distinctive shapes and sizes to tailored branding and design elements, we can transform your vision into reality.

      Arched tent structures advantages

      • Resistance to wind and snow loads.
      • Quality certificate on passing protocols and tests of the Ministry of Emergencies.
      • Airiness of the structure due to the absence of intermediate supports.
      • Production according to Italian technology.

      Other models