Model range of tent structures

LUXTENT carries out construction of quick-assembly tents in Azerbaijan. In our work, we prefer high-tech and modern materials. We create structures to fit any taste that are both functional and interesting from the architectural point of view.

Structural advantages

Без промежуточных опор

Galvanized steel frame

Негорючий архитектурный тент

Non-combustible architectural awning

Опыт работы более 10 лет

Work experience over 10 years

Итальянская технология

Without intermediate supports

Ветровые и снеговые нагрузки

Resistant to weather conditions

Долговечная архитектурная тентовая ткань

Durable architectural awning fabric



ArcoTenso – quick-assembly tents manufactured using Italian technology. The framework is made of galvanized steel with durable anti-corrosion coating without intermediate supports that can make the structure look heavier. Due to the possibility of interconnection of modules, the size of an arch tent can be 25 m2 or more. Suitable for operation throughout the year. Covered with architectural tent cloth that reliably protects the premises from the effect of atmospheric phenomena. We offer different models distinguished by dome shape, capacity and total area.



Quick-assembly EcoChalet tents are designed in environmentally friendly style with domes. The frame is made of glued laminated veneer of natural color. The dome can be glazed or covered with special tent cloth with various levels of transparency within a wide color palette. EcoChalet can be branded. The tent is distinguished by enhanced durability and reliability; it is resistant to wind and snow loads and suitable for all-year operation. EcoChalet is a good solution for terraces, sites by pools, cafés, resting areas, etc.



Quick-assembly arch structures of the Membrane model range are a good solution for implementation of complex designer projects. Wide-open domes are suitable for spacious tents or canopies intended for large quantities of guests. We offer several tent options distinguished by shape and capacity to our customers. Production by individual order is also possible. Membrane tents can be used for cafés and restaurants, parties, audience tribunes, parking lots, canopies for pools, etc. The tent is elegant, durable and safe.



Quick-assembly EcoPergola canopies have a rectangular shape and a glued laminated timber framework without intermediate supports. The model is valued for its stylish and concise look. The tent can be used as a separate structure or an attachment to other buildings, and is suitable for operation throughout the year. Pergola is a good choice for events of any level; minimum area of the tent is 16 m2. The tent can be glazed or covered with PVC tent cloth. We offer materials within an extensive color palette and with various textures; printing of logos and images is also available.

Popular designs